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Celebrate National Senior Pet Month: Why Adopting a Senior Pet is a Heartwarming Journey

November is a month of transition, where fall leaves whisper stories of change, and cozy moments foreshadow the holiday season. In this season of shifting landscapes and grateful hearts, we invite you to embrace the beauty of change by celebrating National Senior Pet Month. These older, wiser companions have so much love to offer, and we're here to guide you through the heartwarming journey of adopting a senior pet, from the joys it brings to the care they need.

Defining Senior Pets


But first, let's clear up a common question: what is a senior pet? While the term "senior" can vary depending on factors like breed and size, it generally applies to pets aged seven years and older. These wise old souls often have plenty of love left to give, even if they've slowed down a bit.


Why Adopt a Senior Dog?

Now, you might wonder, "Why should I consider adopting a senior dog?" Well, my friends, there are plenty of good reasons:

  • Already Trained: Senior dogs often come with valuable life experience. Many are already house-trained and have a basic understanding of commands. You can skip the puppy phase!
  • Temperament is Known: With a senior dog, you get what you see. Their personalities are well-developed, so you'll know if they're a good match for your family from the start.
  • A Loving Companion: Older dogs are grateful for a second chance at a loving home. They form deep bonds with their new families and show their appreciation in every tail wag and snuggle.


Why adopt a senior cat? 

Adopting a senior cat companion can be a rewarding and compassionate experience. 

  • Lower Adoption Rates: Senior cats often stay in shelters longer than kittens and younger cats, making them less likely to find their forever home. You can give them a loving home and improve their quality of life. 

  • Established Personalities: Unlike a kitten, senior cats have developed their personalities and behaviors. You can get a better sense of their temperament and energy level, making it easier to find a cat that is compatible with your lifestyle. 

  • Less active:  While senior cats still enjoy toys and play sessions, their stamina for play may be limited. They may be content with lounging in a cozy spot or cuddling with their humans. Some senior cats become more affectionate as they age. 


What to Expect When Adopting a Senior Pet

Adopting a senior pet can be an incredibly rewarding experience, but it's important to know what to expect:

  • Health Care: Senior pets may have unique health needs. Regular vet check-ups, a senior-friendly diet, and appropriate exercise are crucial for their well-being.
  • Adjustment Period: It might take a little time for your new senior pet to settle into their new home. Be patient and provide a calm, comfortable environment.
  • Lots of Love: Older pets have lots of love to give. Be prepared for plenty of cuddles, loyalty, and gratitude from your new companion.

Local Shelters in Orlando, FL


If you're considering adopting a senior pet in Orlando, FL, you're in luck! There are wonderful local shelters and organizations dedicated to finding loving homes for senior dogs and cats.. Here are a few you can check out:


Caring for Your Senior Pet


Once you've welcomed a senior pet into your home, providing proper care is key to ensuring their golden years are happy and comfortable. Here are some tips:


  • Regular Vet Visits: Senior pets should have more frequent vet check-ups to catch and treat age-related issues early. The SODO Veterinary team recommends senior pet patients are seen every six months. 
  • Senior-Friendly Diet: Consult with your vet about a diet tailored to your senior pet's specific needs. High-quality food can make a big difference.
  • Gentle Exercise: While exercise is important, be mindful of your pet's physical limitations. Short, gentle walks are often better than strenuous activities.
  • Comfort and Love: Senior pets thrive on comfort and affection. Provide a cozy bed, gentle grooming, and plenty of snuggles.


This National Senior Pet Month, consider opening your heart and home to a senior dog or cat in need. They may be a bit gray around the muzzle, but they have a world of love to give. The journey of adopting a senior pet is filled with heartwarming moments and the chance to make a difference in a deserving animal's life.


Let's make this November a memorable one by celebrating our senior pets and showering them with the love and care they deserve.