Dental care prevents your pets from developing bad breath, sore gums, and severe tooth infections. More importantly, it helps prevent many diseases caused by bacteria getting into the bloodstream and cycling through the body. Take advantage of this month by receiving 20% off the cost of cleaning and scaling the teethSo, what are you waiting for? Get those pet smiles bright and healthy all month long!

Introducing Virtual Care 🎉

We are proud to help more patients and their owners by partnering with Pet Desk, an all-in-one app. PetDesk is a great new app for iOS and Android mobile devices that handles all of your veterinary needs. The comprehensive program allows you to make 24/7 appointment requests, see your pet’s vaccine history, view office hours, refill prescriptions, and more! It seamlessly syncs with your phone’s calendar, automatically notifying you of upcoming vet appointments, when your recommended vaccinations are due, and keeps track of your pet’s medication schedule. This all-in-one app gives you all you need for your pet’s care right from your pocket.

Pet Desk Features

🐾 Keep track of your pet’s vaccinations

🐾 Request and schedule your pet’s next appointment

🐾  Stay up-to-date with SODO Vet reminders

🐾 Order your pet’s medication and food

🐾 Earn Paw Points to unlock rewards

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